Boomer’s Home-owning Dream

Boomer has a home-owning dream, but needs Uncle Norman’s help to fulfil it. Will Uncle Norman agree to help?


Boomettes, it’s been quite a week for your mascot. Let me tell you all about it.

As I explained in my previous Bulletin I had started the week all glum and despondent about being evicted from the Lorne Street Stand, but then a few days later had become all excited about taking my first steps on the property ladder.

I went kennel-hunting Boomettes and have to report that I was shocked at the cost of even a modest kennel. Even a one-dog kennel was tens of thousands of pounds, and your Boomer’s life savings only amount to £34.74. Your mascot was very glum. I sought advice from a house-builder who was kind enough to explain that there are three main costs to a new-build kennel: the building materials and labour; connecting everything up – water, electricity, roads etc; and land. Apparently, land is by far the most expensive component.

Boomettes, your mascot put his thinking cap on and analysed the situation, and a little while later he came up with an inspired idea. What if your mascot could find someone with a little spare land going unused on which Boomer could site his kennel. If Boomer only had to pay for the cost of the kennel it might just about be possible for Boomer to buy himself a home.

Boomettes, Uncle Norman owns Vale Park and there’s some land in front of the Family Stand going unused. This is where Boomer’s new home will be!

I was very excited about my brainwave Boomettes so I rushed off to share my idea with Uncle Norman straight-away. I was so excited, that when I got to his office I forgot to knock and just ran straight in. Once inside his office I found Uncle Norman in his favourite day-glo leotard, dancing enthusiastically away to his treasured CD of Mel and Kim’s greatest hits. I have to say Boomettes, Uncle Norman is a lovely mover! There he was throwing some shapes and shaking his booty like his little life depended on it!!

Taken aback by my unannounced entrance Uncle Norman began chuntering away about wishing that people would knock before coming in. Boomettes, your mascot didn’t have time to bandy words about social protocol. Your mascot took a deep breath and delivered his kennel location proposal to Uncle Norman.

Uncle Norman listened carefully to your mascot’s proposal, and then do you know what he did Boomettes? He rejected it! Your mascot asked why. Uncle Norman said that he had plans for that piece of land. Boomer asked what were the plans, but Uncle Norman was suspiciously evasive.

Boomettes, I didn’t want to fall out with Uncle Norman so I decided on a strategic withdrawal from his office. But Boomettes I have a plan, a vision, a mission and I will not rest until I have my kennel sited at the front of the family stand. I will concoct a campaign to convince Uncle Norman of my canine dream.

I will share the details of this campaign in my next doggy bulletin. Until then Boomettes, stay loyal,