Bad news for Boomer

Boomer suffers his very own housing crisis courtesy of Uncle Norman


Boomettes, your Mascot likes to keep his finger on the pulse, and as a result your Boomer is saddened to learn that in many parts of the country there is currently a housing crisis going on. But Boomettes, your Boomer has a housing crisis of his own. He’s been evicted. By Uncle Norman. What a Meanie!!

This is what happened. I’d been living for many years at the bottom of a stair-well in the Lorne-Street Stand. As you’d expect Boomettes I’d been very well behaved and had been no trouble at all. But as soon as Uncle Norman found out he decreed that this arrangement had to come to an end. He said it was all to do with Health and Safety and Fire Regulations, and your mascot can’t be critical of Uncle Norman being Mr Responsible and doing the right thing.

Initially Boomettes, your mascot was very glum, wondering what on earth was the future to be. But after a few days your Boomer decided that this was just the incentive he needed to finally take his first steps on the property ladder.

Boomettes, your mascot is going house-hunting. In my next Bulletin I’ll let you all know how I’ve gone on. Until then Boomettes, stay loyal,