Boomer’s Biscuit Barrel

Boomettes, here you can help yourselves to any of the biscuits in my barrel (that’s Boomer-speak for any of the posts in my doggy-bulletin).

01 Boomer’s Bones

02 Boomer’s Dawn Raid

03 Boomer Goes Walk-about

04 Boomer’s bones are now safe and secure

05 Boomer’s Housing Crisis

06 Boomer’s Home-owning Dream

07 Boomer goes Banking

08 Boomer Soothes his Stresses

09 Boomer learns about mortgages

10  A Lean Mean Mascot Machine

11 Vale are going up!!

12 Boomer’s Big Bet

13 Boomer’s Big Bet goes South

14 Boomer’s Boslem Night Out (part one), Pints and Pernod

15 Boomer’s Boslem Night Out (part two), the morning after

16 Home-grown Valiant Veg.